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Our Easy Approach to Choosing the Right Fencing

Choosing the right fence to meet your needs is an important and often complicated decision. From keeping children safe and secure around swimming pools, to creating an element of solitude and privacy, Bear Creek Fencing & Backyard offers a range of different fence solutions from ActiveYards, Simtek, & wood fence styles to meet any need you may have. Our Select, Shop and Service model makes it easy for customers to choose their ideal fences.
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What is Your Fences Function?
Fences can have many different functions so before you select a style, you must first identify what function your fence will serve. We provide a catalog of solutions to cater to each function, but this first step to getting the right fence is crucial. Identify with one of the following functions: 
Privacy Pool Decorative Security
I want seclusion and privacy. I need a boundry around my pool. I want to add curb appeal
to my home.
I need security and safety
for my yard.

Three Ways to Shop

Shop Online

Visit Showroom

At Home Consultation

Shop Online
If you find it most convenient to shop online, simply visit review our fence solutions, click on the "Get a Quote Now" button and you will able to pull up a satellite view of your property, sketch the fence line you wish to purchase, choose a fence solution, style, & height.  Our tool will provide a price range your project will cost.  

Feel free to call us or e-mail with any questions you have along the way

Visit your Local Showroom
6567 South Cottonwood St.
Murray, UT 84107

If you want to see and feel all of your options live, visit your local showroom and work with our knowledgeable, certified pros to help guide you in choosing your fencing system.

At Home Consultation
Finally, you can choose the traditional route where we come to you for a full service at home consultation, in which we will measure, suggest and guide you through the solution process in the comfort of your own home. Our certified pros have been individually qualified and trained.  They have the experience in the fencing industry and have worked with thousands of homeowners to assist in guiding to a beautiful & durable solution. At Bear Creek Fencing & Backyard, we are committed to making your shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as possible, from beginning to end.